Our Medical Center

In our Institute the lab, the medical halls and customer reception areas were organized and formed based on international standards and certifications.

One of the first clinics in Greece that managed to obtain the certification ISO 9001:2015 and following the recommendations of the ‘Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction’ (G.N.A.A.R.), we operate as an IVF Clinic and Cryopreservation Bank by the law and the international standards. Wishing to keep that level in the IVF lab also, we accepted to go through a check to present the certification of BS EN 15224:2012.

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We ensure in our laboratory the maximum security for the processing of your genetic material and cryopreservation.

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We maintain a pleasant and clean environment in the operating room and in the ultrasound room.


Why Us

Our institute operating since 1994, is now classified as one of the most successful centers in Europe and known globally, have helped to complete their family more than 5000 couples with a over all success rate of 67.6%.

Always with continuous quality checks and training of our medical team and with supervision of our doctor, Gynecologist/Obsterctricians and IVF Specialist, we constantly improve our success rates!

We provide egg donation program with *Νo waiting list *From a group of selected donors *Having gone through strict criteria *Always maintaining their anonymity (as required by the Greek law).

We deal with male infertility finding a solution to any problem in cooperation with specialized andrologysts.

We assist prospective parents into their surrogacy program for a successful completion of the process, with advice and suggestions from experienced professionals.


  • National Authority Certification
  • ISO 9001: 2015 & BS EN 15224: 2012
  • General Certifications